Alluvial and Hard-Rock Gold Recovery

From exploration through to full-scale production and tailings re-processing, our systems are used for Alluvial or Placer Gold Mining and Hard Rock Gold Mining applications worldwide in operations where high recovery rate drives profitability.

Mineral Concentration and Gemstone/Diamond Recovery

The HPC system is designed in such a way that the machines can be adjusted to allow concentration of virtually any “heavy particles”.

Based on this capability, our systems are used in a variety of mineral pre-concentration applications involving a broad range of minerals and gemstones.

Lead Remediation of shooting ranges

Our XP product range is a wet system specifically designed for remediation of lead shot from trap & skeet ranges as well as bullets from rifle and pistol berms.

We offer larger machines for Environmental Contractors as well as smaller units for Shooting Ranges and Clubs wanting their own lead remediation systems.

A Unique tool for any Gravity Separation Process

Gravity Separation has been applied to mineral separation applications for centuries.

The HPC technology focuses on the fundamental physics of any gravity separation process and is designed in such a way that the machines can be adjusted to allow concentration of virtually any “Heavy Particles”. 

Provided Heavy Particles are liberated or can be freed from host rock and there is a density difference between these particles and the host sand and gravel, they can be concentrated using Gravity Separation. 
As with any process, there are a number of critical variables and conditions that determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the system. 

Our HPC systems offer you a simple but unique and internationally patented method of controlling the Gravity Separation process so that you can concentrate and recover virtually any mineral or gemstone imaginable. 

The majority of our machines are used for Gold Mining, Mineral and Gemstone Recovery and Lead Remediation of Shooting Ranges. 

Based on our standard product range and adaptability of our modular design approach, new applications are constantly being discovered.

Gold Recovery

Fine gold recovery perfected

Find out more about the use of our systems for Alluvial or Placer Mining and Hard Rock gold recovery including key differences in operating processes for these applications.

Minerals and Gemstones

Concentrate any high-density particle

Gravity Separation of heavy particles can be applied to separation of an extremely broad range of minerals, diamonds and other gemstones. The flexibility of the HPC technology makes it suitable for most of these applications.

Shooting Range Remediation

Clean your led-shot and bullet ranges

Our systems empower you to run an environmentally responsible shooting range and take advantage of the value of lead sales for recycling.