Prices and Purchasing

Equipment pricing depends on specifications/configuration based on the application for which the machinery will be used. Discounts are available for used/demonstration machines.

For prices and equipment availability please contact us


  • Clients can make their own shipping arrangements or we can assist with this and deliver on a CIF basis to your closest ocean port
  • For international / ocean shipments, the optimal shipping configurations are:
    • HPC-10 – 20’ container
    • HPC-15 – 20’ container
    • HPC-30 with AC-30 Feeder – 20’ container
    • HPC-30 with FC-30 Feeder – 40’ container
  • Estimated Shipping Costs to most ocean ports are:
    • 20’ container – approximately $5,000 – $6,000
    • 40’ container – approximately $8,000 – $9,000
    • Costs include packaging, inland transportation to departure port, shipping, insurance and forwarding fees
  • Total delivery time for most shipments (including trucking, vessel waiting time and sailing) is estimated at 4-6 weeks from date of departure from our facility (to be confirmed by freight forwarder at time of booking)
  • We typically obtain quotes from a number of forwarders depending on the origin and destination of the shipment to make sure that rates are competitive

Orders and Payment Terms

Our procedure is as follows:

  • We clarify your requirements (whether you need to order a pump/generator/etc.)
  • You provide us with Buyers details (Name, Address, Contact Person, Phone, Fax) for your Purchase-Order
  • We prepare a Purchase-Order document which we send you (this includes our bank wire transfer/payment information
  • Payment Terms: 50% on order and balance on completion, prior to dispatch (100% payment for systems already in stock where immediate dispatch is required)
  • As soon as we receive your order deposit, we send send you back an order confirmation and we place the order with our production facility. Our customers are welcome to visit our facility at any time to review the production status of the machine
  • Prior to shipment, you will need to provide us with contact details for your Clearing Agent (Name, Address, Contact Person, Phone, Fax)
  • When your machine is shipped, we will keep you informed, send you a link to track the status of your shipment and send shipping documents directly to your Clearing Agent to arrange for import customs clearance

Please contact us for answers to any other questions you might have.