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The HPC-30 system offers unbeatable recovery rates for fine gold recovery in Alluvial Mining or Placer Mining applications, whether for Small-Scale or Artisanal Mining operations or for bulk sampling. The design of the HPC-30 also makes it suitable for a broad range of heavy particle concentration applications including gravity concentration of minerals such as tin or cassiterite, copper or malachite, lead, silver, garnets and most other minerals, metals and gemstones.The HPC-30 recovery unit is offered with a choice of feed systems to accommodate a broad range of applications, sites and operating conditions.

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Feed Conveyor for EXTRAC-TEC HPC-30 Concentrator for Alluvial Mining and Hard Rock Gold Mining specifically for recovery of fine gold in Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining Operations.

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Fine Gold Recovery

This video shows cleaning of concentrate produced by an HPC-30 from an operation washing Alluvial Gravels at a throughput of approximately 20-25 tons/hour. At this throughput and at higher process rates, the HPC-30 reliably and consistently recovers 95 – 98% of the Gravity Recoverable Gold. It is remarkable to see that even the smallest gold particles are captured. These particles are so small that even with careful hand-panning of the concentrate it is difficult to retain them as they suspend on the water surface and flow with the water.