HPC-10 and HPC-15: Explore, Sample, Produce

The HPC-15 is a compact, self-contained, fully mobile machine designed for exploration and bulk sampling with all components integrated into one trailer-mounted unit.

Your investment in this machine is the foundation for an accurate understanding of your mineral opportunities and a reliable projection of what can be achieved when you reach full-scale production.

HPC-30: Start-Up and Small-Scale Operations

The HPC-30 is an ideal solution for small-scale and start-up operations which plan to add additional modules as they require more capacity.

This system consists of the HPC-30 recovery unit and a choice of different feed systems to accommodate a broad range of operating conditions

System-120: High Capacity Solution

For high capacity operations, we offer a modular solution with capacity of 120 tons/hour, which can be adapted to suit your requirements. 

The System-120 consists of 3 process modules: a feed system, scrubbing and screening unit and a choice of standard or high capacity recovery system

A variety of Feeders

Your feed system needs to be chosen based on the type of material you are processing.

Our modular design approach accommodates a broad range of possibilities.

We offer a variety of different feeders for each system and will continue to develop new solutions.

Spares, Pumps, Generators and Concentrate Cleaning

We provide complete packages including Spare Parts Kits for ongoing maintenance of your equipment, Water Pumps, Electrical Generators and other Accessories for your installation.

A broad range of Concentrate Cleaning solutions is also available.

Installation, Training and Technical Support

For smooth and efficient implementation of your project, let us assist you with your installation and commissioning of equipment as well as on-site training of your team.

Worldwide Shipping

All of our systems are specifically designed for shipment in standard ocean containers.

We can arrange shipment of your order to any destination worldwide

Products Overview

The HPC Technology is a combination of tested and proven technologies combined with Extrac-Tec’s internationally patented and proprietary reverse spiral concentration belt. The reverse spiral concentration belt is an ultra-high abrasion resistant, long retention-time concentration spiral which separates heavy particles which are then retained in a precisely controlled sluice section.

The design philosophy behind our products is simple:

  1. Recovery rate is the most important factor for a mineral extraction system. It is easy to increase the capacity of a good process, but futile trying to “add” good recovery onto an inferior process.
  2. Our equipment is mobile and modular in design and can be used for a broad range of applications from low to high capacity. This offers our customers a greater degree of process control and total flexibility in where and how they operate.
  3. Our solutions are environmentally responsible. We use absolutely no chemicals and mercury is not required due to the ultra-high concentration ratio of our gold recovery systems.

HPC-10 and HPC-15

Explore, Sample, Produce

A mobile, self-contained machine with a choice of feed systems to get you started. Review our comprehensive video, photos, technical information and pricing.


Small-scale operations

An ideal solution for small-scale and start-up operations which plan to add additional modules as they require more capacity. Includes different feed systems to accommodate a broad range of operating conditions. 

High Capacity Solutions

Scale-up your production

Learn more about the benefits of our flexible, medium to high-capacity solutions which are configured to meet your business and operational requirements.

Diamonds & Gems

Exploration & Final Recovery

With its high efficiency, mobility and accuracy, a diamond jig is an essential tool for any diamond mining operation.

Accessories & Services

Support for your operation

We provide on-site assistance with installations and training. We can also supply you with Water Pumps, Electrical Generators, Concentrate Cleaning Solutions, Spare Parts and Maintenance Tools.