EJ-1 Boesman Diamond Jig

The EJ-1 Boesman/Digger’s Dream jig is a small, mobile, heavy mineral separator that’s ideal for exploration projects, small diamond mining operations or preparing diamond concentrate in final recoveries for sorting. 

The mobile, heavy concentrator is widely used in Southern and Western Africa, especially in the diamond industry, for exploration or final concentration for hand-sorting minerals.

 It is designed to group heavy materials from gravel using an off-centre bearing action that creates the same action as an artisanal miner’s panning action.

The motion causes the heavier materials to collect in the core of the sieve. The lighter materials shift to the outside of the sieve, where it falls off into the sump and is passed to the tailings.

With its high efficiency, mobility and accuracy, a diamond jig is an essential tool for any diamond mining operation.


– mobile concentrator for +2/-20mm material
– driven by a 4.5 HP Yanmar engine
– independent scrubber, -2mm sand screen and +20mm over-size screen, where after the material will go via a chute to 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12mm pans that shake in a waterbed.
– The off-centred bearing in the drive mechanism is responsible for the shaking movement, 
which is like the panning movement to separate light from heavy minerals.
– The sieves are ordered from big to small in the frame. The material will fall on the top sieve and work its way to the smaller fraction sizes. The result is that the heavy minerals are concentrated in the middle of the pans. 
The sand and light material will be transported with a small mechanical bucket system from the bin for continuous feeding.
– The Boesman/Digger’s Dream jig can process 200 -700kg per hour, depending on the density of the material.


Weight 700kg
Dimensions 1m x 1.5m and 1.8m high (stand-alone unit)

The EJ-1 diamond jig consists of:
– Feed Chute and Trommel
– Sieves and Sieve Holder
– Sump and Auger
– Bucket Conveyor for tailings
– Diesel Engine
– Trailer

For more commercial diamond-mining approaches we also offer  scrubbers/screens and jigs with sort house options ranging between 10 tonnes per hour to 120tonnes per hour capacity. Contact us with your specific requirements.