Process Description – Transverse spiral concentrator belt

The transverse spiral concentrator belt is patented and unique to IE-TEC’s HPC systems.

The belt is set at an incline and material fed onto the belt is washed down-slope. The motion of the belt combined with water
flow cause heavy particles to settle. These heavy particles are drawn up-slope by the reverse spiral whilst lighter particles
are washed over the spirals and removed as tailings.

The bed-profile, inclination, spiral characteristics, water flow and belt speed/retention-time are configured to produce
the concentrate material required (from 0.1% to 40% of mass).

In an alluvial / placer operation, this concentrate is then fed to a concentrate sluice. The transverse spiral concentrator belt
ensures that material fed to the sluice is pre-concentrated, no surging takes place and the water flow over the sluice can be
optimized. The advantages of this approach include less water use, higher extraction yields down to micron fine particles
and production of a minimal amount of final concentrate.

In a hard rock process circuit, the transverse spiral concentrator belt may be used as a pre-concentrator.