Geological and Metallurgical Services Team


EXTRAC-TEC works very closely with a group of metallurgists, geologists, operation managers and process engineers who specialise in assisting clients in Africa, South America and the Far East to research, design, start, manage and run their own exploration and mining projects.

Their work is Health, Safety, Environment and Community (HSEC) compliant and they focus on attention to detail, quality and technical integrity.

Minerals they have worked with are primarily diamonds, gold, lithium, soda ash columbite/tantalite and cassiterite. They have also been involved in other commodities. They have experience working  in Peru, Guyana, Suriname, Philippines, Mozambique, Namibia, DRC, Central Africa Republic, Brazil, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Nigeria,  Egypt, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Madagascar, Angola, Australia, Colombia, South Africa, Malawi, Indonesia and others.

They are well connected within the industry and work in conjunction with companies such as Lycopodium, MSA Group services, SGS/ALS and EXTRAC-TEC to ensure clients get quality products at competitive prices.

They have worked across a diverse client spectrum, with individual clients, junior companies through to majors such as BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto. They often connect clients with projects, depending on their needs or commodities focus and countries of operation.

All team members are goal and deadline driven and are used to liaising with governmental authorities & working closely with the board/ investors of larger companies. They have managed multinational teams in often difficult and logistically challenging environments.

The team currently comprises of the following members: 


Albert Matthews (Operations Manager), Cape Town-based

Mr. Matthews has 23 years’ experience in running and designing operations and mineral processing systems in Africa, South America and the Far East for diamonds, gold, coltan/tantalite and cassiterite.

He has worked in the following countries: Peru (gold), Guyana (gold), Suriname (gold), Colombia (gold), Venezuela (gold, cassiterite ), Ecuador (gold), Chile (gold), Brazil (gold), Namibia (diamonds), DRC (diamonds and gold), Central Africa Republic (diamonds and gold), Cameroon (gold), Ghana (gold), Liberia (diamonds and gold ), Sierra Leone (diamonds and gold), Senegal (gold), Egypt (cassiterite), Burkina Faso (gold), Mozambique (gold and cassiterite), Tanzania (gold and tantalite), Madagascar (gold), Nigeria (cassiterite, lead and gold ), Chad (diamonds and gold), DRC (diamonds and gold), Angola (diamonds and gold), Australia (gold), Philippines (gold) and Indonesia (gold)


Michael Roy Johnson

Mr. Roy Johnson is an Anglo-Argentinian project and process manager with 30 years’ experience in exploration and mining in Venezuela, Peru, Argentina (Patagonia, San Luis), Bolivia, Mexico and Guyana. The manufacturing and design of centrifuges and the involvement in hard rock and alluvial gold projects over so many years have given him a unique understanding of the gold resource in South America.

Being located in Valencia, Spain has led him to get more involved with diamond and gold projects in central, east and west Africa over the last 5 years, spanning countries such as Sierra Leone, Ethiopia and Ivory Coast. His practical experience allows him to quickly analyse the mining, processing and design, and give a clear understanding of feasibility issues regarding projects or concessions.


Marais Loubser (Diamond Geologist)  – Cape Town based

Mr. Loubser is an exploration and mining geologist with 30 years diamond industry experience. He holds a B.Sc. Hons degree in geology (University of Stellenbosch). He started his career in 1988 as an exploration geologist for De Beers Consolidated Mines (DBCM) in South Africa. He worked in Northern Cape, Free State and in Limpopo province before transferring to the group’s alluvial diamond mines at Oranjamund, Namibia in 1996.  He worked as a production mine geologist and was responsible for on-mine resource extension. The last 10 years he was the exploration manager of Namdeb.  In 2017 he retired early and in 2019 became involved in exploration in Africa.  Diamond concession reports were done for clients in Chad, Angola and Ivory Coast during 2019 through 2021. Since then he has become more involved in gold / diamond exploration as well as performing management duties in Chad.


Douglas Walker.  (Chief Exploration Geologist) Cape Town based

Mr. Walker has + 20 years multi-commodity exploration and mining experience in gold, uranium, diamonds (kimberlite and alluvial), PGE and other precious metals, base metals, tin, columbite and tantalite and lithium amongst others

His gold-specific experience includes the following: Swaziland 1998-2000 MSA, Senegal 2009-2011Teranga Gold (Exploration Manager Faleme Project with 26 prospects, one of which was in pre-feasibility), and Nigeria 2012-2013 (13 prospects, one at Advanced Scoping Stage also other commodities) &Cameroon (PFS on project which will become a mine). He has covered all aspects of gold exploration from greenfield to brownfield projects & PFS. Other countries in which he has also worked include Angola (diamonds), DRC (diamonds& Cu, Co) Guinea (iron-ore) Botswana (Base metals) Swaziland (Base metal) and South Africa (multiple commodities). Mr. Walker has worked mostly on NI 43 101 compliant projects and more recently Jorc. compliant projects. Preliminary resource work conducted on multiple projects. He has also run several plant types for diamond and gold recovery in exploration & trial mining. Largest team managed with ~13 geologists or others with approx. 130 staff contingent. Also was a shaft geologist at underground antimony and gold mine in Limpopo province South Africa.

For other commodities he has also worked throughout the value chain from project conception, target evaluation through to mining.

NHD Geol. Wits Tech 2001 and B. Sc. Hons. Geol. UJ 2007 (RAU)


Pierre Jonker (Consulting Geologist)

Exploration geologist with multi commodity experience. Site managed projects/camps in entirety with teams of 10-60 staff, including admin, geology, and associated staff such drilling teams. Commodity experience includes platinum, diamonds rare earths, iron ore, gold, zinc, copper, cobalt and has also worked in the organic fertilizer field. Countries he has worked in are South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, the DRC, Ghana, Guinea, Mauritania and Chad in Africa, Brazil, Mexico and Canada in the America’s and Tibet. He was also a shaft geologist at Anglo gold Ashanti – Kopanang.

  1. Sc. Hons. Geol. NMMU 1999